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Wednesday, December 28th, 2022 12:57 PM


Error TVAPP-00282

I was wondering if anybody found a solution to this yet.  It has been going on for years with no solution.  The app doesn't seem t have been updated and Error TVAPP-00282 still comes up every time I login to it.  I did have what I thought was a breakthrough on it yesterday.  I had been having cable issues on the line coming into my house and Xfinity was working on the line for about an hour.  When they were through they restored my cable and internet.  After my Cable and internet were restored I wanted to verify everything worked again.  I checked my browsers, my links and my emails and everything seemed to be working.  So I also checked my TVAPP and I was surprised by my results.  I logged in and no "Error TVAPP-00282".  In fact everything seemed to be working a little better.  I thought some ow my live camera feeds were clearer etc.  I was so happy that it seemed when Xfinity fixed the problem to my internet and to my DVR and apparently they fixed the Error TVAPP-00282 error I had been getting as well.  I was happy that this error after many years was fixed.  This morning I wanted to open my TV App and wouldn't you know the error "Error TVAPP-00282" was back.  Now I know that yesterday it was gone.  I know that because I recognized it was gone.  I probably closed and reopened it several times to verify and it was still gone.  Any changes I made to My PC and the "Error TVAPP-00282" was till gone.  I thought never to return.  This morning after a day I logged in and for some reason wanted to open the TV App and when I did the "Error TVAPP-00282" was back.  So what is different after one day.  I may be wrong and I only checked the TV App with edge as that is the browser I have the TV APP configured with so I don't know about other apps but might try them as well today.   So what is different after one day.  I suspect that whatever Xfinity had to replace cause the line to be out of sync yesterday and possibly not loading all the protocols that are normally on the network for security reasons.  I suspect that because it was out of sync and hadn't gotten all the updates from xfinity to the new component and in this state the TV APP worked without creating "Error TVAPP-00282".  I suspect that once it had time to sync up that it loaded the script that recreated the error this morning.  The fact that I got it to work at least once and probably several times on my home PC tells me that it is not being caused by Windows 10 64 bit build 19045 or MS Edge 108.0.1462.54 or any other browser as it worked with my system yesterday and nothing on my system changed overnight.  I suspect that when the new component was connected to the line it created a unique situation because it wasn't fully synced with Xfinity at the time but when it was completely synced over night the "Error TVAPP-00282" returned because something that wasn't on the line yesterday but is on the line today is causing the issue  and that it is something that may have been configured for 64 bit Windows 10 that doesn't apply to Windows 7 or Windows 10 32 bit but doesn't work with Windows 10 64 bit and causes the "Error TVAPP-00282"

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1 year ago

Good Morning, I am sorry that you are still having an ongoing issue using the Xfinity Stream app, this isn't the experience we want for our valued customers, and we are always happy to help. I would like to ask a few questions really quickly to make sure I fully understand what is occurring, once you see the app error code, does it go away and allow you to access the content on the app, or are you unable to use the Xfinity Stream app due to this error that is popping up? 



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@XfinityJessW​  I'm having a similar problem where I was able to stream in the morning, but not able to stream in the afternoon. (Error TVAPP-00281)  What could be causing this?

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