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Thu, Dec 26, 2019 5:00 AM

Error messages are terrible

I usually watch shows on the nbc sports app. Now that I have an xfinity TV package that I was upsold, so figured I'd start using that instead of paying NBC. I open NBC, try to sign in with Xfinity, succeed, and I start getting a an 'unable to authenticate' error when trying to watch this show. Ok...

Must just be a weird temporary thing. I sign out and sign in again. Same error again. Ok...

Looking more into it, I'm signed in, but Comcast says that my device doesn't have the software for an optimal Xfinity Stream experience, because I need to have at least iOS 11. (I have 13.) Ok...

I go to the NBC mobile site, thinking this strange Xfinity Stream requirement check (that's obviously misbehaving) may work differently there. Nope, same message. Ok...

I download the Xfinity Stream app. Sign in fine. The show I want to watch is right on the 'Featured' header with a 'watch live' tag on it - nice! I click it, and I get a static page telling me how great this show is, but with no link to stream. Ok...

I go back to the home page and try clicking on other shows to see if in just doing it wrong. Apparently I'm not because they all work fine. Ok...

I go back to my shows static page and click on everything just to be sure. Turns out there's a video with a different name and different thumbnail than was on the Featured page, that's buried on the very bottom of the page but that's actually what I'm looking for! Woot!

It tries to load, and I get an error saying 'sorry, Comcast only licensed this content to be delivered to you over your home wifi, so we can't show it to you.' I am indeed not on my home wifi right now.

So I've just spent an hour trying to diagnose a string of inaccurate error messages, just to learn that actually I can't accomplish my goal. And now my show is over so I missed it live (sports).

So frustrating. I'm cancelling this TV subscription.

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1 y ago

Another good one: when I tell chrome to load the desktop version of NBC and play the show, the error message I get from Comcast is 'your TV subscription doesn't include this channel, please upgrade.' Which is also different yet inaccurate. (Funny too because now Comcast is asking me to purchase a thing I already have.)

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