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Fri, Jul 1, 2022 11:20 PM

Cannot sign into XFinity Stream app on my Samsung SmartTV nor from my AppleTV box. TVAPP-00166


So the XFinity Stream app - USED TO work - on my Samsung TV's app, as well as from the AppleTV box that is HDMI'd to it. Typically I use the Samsung SmartTV app... but then randomly - maybe a month or so ago, it logged me out and I was prompted to sign in again. I got the usual prompt screens to input the 6 digit number on the TV into my XFinity app... the TV screen would cycle after the success indicator on the phone app.... but then would return a TVAPP-00166 error. And to try again later. 

Well - I've waited, a handful of weeks and then thought perhaps to reset the Samsung to factory default to wipe out any ghosts in the machine... tried to reset up the Xfinity app from Samsung... and same result. TVAPP-00166

Then I tried to use it from my Apple TV that is HDMI'd to the same TV... and the Apple TV app is returning the same error.

Some background... I likely have 4 devices on my single login. I'm wondering if perhaps there's a way to deprovision my working devices... and I'd go set the ones that are really still used back up again?   Like maybe I've hit a cap on logins or something? Can't find what TVAPP-00166 means anywhere

Thanks so much!

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