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Tue, Oct 6, 2020 6:00 AM

Can X1 subscribers login to Peacock on Other Platforms With Xfinity Credentials

I tend to use my large screen tablet to search for content and add stuff I may enjoy later to watch/wish lists. I've never had issues accessing Peacock directly through the X1 box but I am unable to sign in to Peacock anywhere else. I installed the app to my Android tablet but it won't let me log in. Same issue if I use the same tablet to login via the Chrome browser. On the X1 Help/Settings screen I can see that I am using the correct email address to login to Peacock outside of the "walled garden" that is X1. If I try to sign in through the Chrome web browser or the Android version it errors out. If I select the "existing user" login method I am presented with a general "email and/or password" is incorrect message. Prior to finding out which account Peacock was using on X1 I tried to create a new Peacock account with the same email. That generates a "something went wrong...try again later" message versus a typical "account already exists" statement. I'm hesitant to attempt to try to reset the password to Peacock because I know that my Xfinity credentials work just fine.





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8 m ago

You should be able to. I have the app running on both a Roku and my Android phone.

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