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Fri, May 7, 2021 5:45 AM

Apple Watch X1 remote gone?

What happened to the remote for the Apple Watch and controlling your tv!?   Did it go away for good?


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Hello there, and good evening! I hope your day/night was/has been great so far! :D


Thank you for bringing this to our attention through our Forums page, and for you patience while awaiting our response. I realize you were recently able to control your TV, and your Apple Watch from your smart devices, and this has since been taken away, correct? If that's still the case, I'd love to get to the bottom of this with you!


Before we begin, can you please tell me what the official name of the remote app it is, which you were previously using? When did this all the sudden go away? Can you share any troubleshooting steps you've taken so far, to make sure I don't ask you to repeat any unnecessary steps? Thank you in advance, and I look forward to speaking with you! 

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