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Fri, Sep 9, 2022 11:50 PM

Very disappointed with Xfinity

I have been in a customer for over 5 years and last week I paid my bill twice because the mobile app did not think that I had already paid my bill so I thought I forgot. So I inquired about getting a credit for the double payment. I was assured by an agent on the chat that I would be getting a refund 5 days go by nothing. They asked me to provide my bank statement which I did finally got a hold of someone today and they told me my request was denied. Now I know why so many people hate Xfinity they charge extremely high prices for everything and the fees are a rip off who charges $18 for a sports fee and I don't even have any sports channels. Needless to say I am very disgusted with the service I received

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3 months ago

@user_108613, Thank you for reaching out through our Xfinity Community Forum. We are very limited to what we can do when it comes to Xfinity Mobile billing issues because we are working over social media. The best way to get help would be to call them at 1-888-936-4968. 

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