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Fri, Jan 22, 2021 6:00 AM

XM-WiFi Not Working Redux

I am the dumb - I was given a  bad number and rather than test say any other working number assumed it wasn't working. Please delete this thread/post.



Well, it was fine for a time, but it seems that XM-WiFi calling has once more decided to stop working with any sort of reliability. Usually 1/5 calls would drop, today I cannot even place a call (call failed).


This was working OK - I was a customer with an iPhone X, and upgraded to a 12 Pro, and swapped back. It's been fine. Again, an occasional drop. TOday, no go.


XM Support - do you have any useful feedback that may point at a problem?


It is not my network - I am sitting by my router, which is utilizing Xfinity's offered GB speed. I work from home, and have family currently hospitalized with COVID< and having my phone work is more important that ever right now.


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