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Sat, May 16, 2020 9:00 AM

XM and WiFi-- Can I use any wifi?

I understand that XM uses XFINITY hotspots when available.  My question is- can any wifi, not just XFINITY be used the same way (I mean for talk and text of coarse)?  I'm asking this because I own my router and modem, therefore I don't host a hotspot at home, but do have wifi. This could also be handy because I sometimes travel to locations without XM hotspots, but I might have wifi which would help with data.


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1 y ago

Your mobile phone can use any WiFi/Internet connection. You don't need a cellular plan for this. 

Your XM (or any other carrier) voice and text don't use WiFi.


Note: If you enable WiFi Calling and your phone shows XM WIFI  because you have a weak XM signal or are on airplane mode you are just using your WiFi/Internet to connect to your carrier's services instead of connecting through a near-by cell tower. 

Messages - If you turn on advanced messaging such as iMessage (Apple), RCS Messages (Google), or others, then you you will be using WiFi or cellular data, however these programs default back to regular cellular text if the recipient has not enabled the same advanced platform. 




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1 y ago

Yes, you can use any wifi that allows you to connect.

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@rightfooted I only use WiFi but have low cellular data on

i want to know what I should use 

low data for and whether or not 

to just use wifi

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