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Fri, May 8, 2020 10:00 AM

Xfinity wants to charge me for replacement mobile because of wrong IMEI

A couple of weeks back I bought two phones with Xfinity mobile, a red one for my mom and a black one for my dad. When the phones arrived, the black one had the volume-up button defective so a replacement was requested. Xfinity approved the replacement and guided me on how to return the defective phone (including to turn off find my iphone). Some days ago I received a call from Xfinity team stating the following:
The iPhone 11 RED 64GB , you returned on 4/28/2020 has the Find My iPhone enabled. To avoid being charged in full please login into your iCloud Account and remove IMEI *************7871 from the device list. You will have 5 days from the sending of this email to remove the Find My iPhone feature. Failure to do so may result in you being charged in full for the device.
I immediately noticed that they were referring to the red phone ( my mother's) but regardless, I singed in to my icloud account to make sure the find my iphone feature was turned off with the returned device (which it was). I called Xfinity customer care and after 3 hours of waiting they trasnfer me to tier 3 customer care. There, they informed me that somehow the warehouse that received the phone entered the wrong IMEI ( my mom's phone). At the end, the associate named Josh from customer care tier 3 said his shift was about to be over and that he would call me the next day. He never called again so I decided to call again and the same thing happen where they never call the next day. I need help with this matter since the 5 day mark is approaching and everyone I have contacted from Xfinity seems incompetent to solve the issue.
Thank you in advanced,
Carlos Perez.



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1 y ago


I’m sorry to hear about issues you’re having with the replacement device but I appreciate you taking the time to reach out in the Forum for help.  I can work with you to make sure you’re not charged for that device.


Please reach out to me via private message.  Click on my name ComcastJaredB and from the profile page click on the blue ‘send a message’ button.  In your private reply please include the following information so that I may authenticate and access the account;


First and last name, mobile number, complete service address, and the last 4 digits of the pay method on file.  Also, if you could include the IMEI of the phone returned I would appreciate that as well.


Thank you for your patience,


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10 m ago

I’ve been going through so much regarding Xfinity Mobile•Comcast Cable. Right now, I’m in the process of sending my (2) stories to the media to exploit these horrible people. My gorgeous son has (16) chronic medical conditions. My son had surgery on his right foot. My (2) stories are very long so I’ll try to summarize it. I could provide my full stories if you need them. The (2) iPhone 7 (32GB) are defective. The one belonging to me had some very dangerous issues, it was a fire hazard. It hot really hot just being plugged into the charger for 5 minutes. It was like I was tanning in the sun & it beat down in my iPhone for hours. It was extremely hot to the touch. My stepdad was there to witness it himself. My stepdad told me to call for a replacement right away. I do not waste time with protocols, I go straight to the CEO. I sent multiple emails & physical letters. My son’s iPhone does not have sound. My son is deaf in his right ear so it’s extremely important that the iPhone has volume & it’s turned up. My son can’t hear phone calls or text alerts. Our home is 3 stories, his bedroom is upstairs. When he had surgery on his foot, he had no iPhone to call or text me when he needed anything. My son’s podiatrist firmly told him to rest & elevate your foot. My son’s podiatrist told my son not to walk in it too much. Since my gorgeous son has no way to call me or text me when I was doing house work & laundry, he had to walk up & down the stairs. Due to XM Executive Relations neglectful & nonchalant behaviors, my son’s foot was swollen when they took off the bandages & put fresh bandages on it. I told his podiatrist about Xfinity Mobile & their behaviors. My son was supposed to get his stitches out, but his foot was swollen & he was put in amoxicillin & needed panels of bloodwork done. My son’s podiatrist asked my son questions about walking in his foot too much. I told his podiatrist our problems. My son’s iPhone 7 (32GB) was activated, but never used because it’s defective. It took 39 days to get my replacement. My beautiful still does not have a replacement iPhone. Why? I had insurance added to our XM plan. Plus, Apple provides a (2) year warranty on iPhone with technical & manufacturer defects. So, these people are trying to charge me for my son’s replacement iPhone & shipping costs too. Again, g Th here are so many details to my experiences with Xfinity Mobile & Comcast Cable. There was a lot of information XM Executive Relations never told me. So, my replacement iPhone e wasn’t activated until 5/19/20. My son’s defective iPhone is activated, but he has never used it. Tell me, why was I charged $37.42 4/2/20? Why was I charged $91.00 5/2/20? Why was I charged $137.68 5/28/20? Why do they continue dinging my debit card for $147.98? These are unauthorized transactions. When I spoke to XM Executive Relations, she told me I’d be paying $90.00-$100 a month for me & my son’s iPhones. Xfinity Mobile cleaned out my account by these unauthorized withdrawals. I’ve been charged overdraft fees & penalty charges because of them. I had no gas to get my son to his doctor appointments & therapy sessions. I’m furious!! How could they do this to us, especially because we’re covered by Xfinity Mobile & Apple?

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