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Monday, December 26th, 2022 10:37 PM

Xfinity Mobile is Terrible, Nothing But Problems Since I Got My Phone

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​And I'm going to tell all my friends, family, and coworkers to avoid it. I just spent more than 2 hours on the phone with customer service to just be disconnected when I asked the support person to hold for me while I had just spend more than an hour and a half holding for them. I called back and the rep I spoke to refused to help me troubleshoot my phone. Every person I spoke with could not unblock my friend's number. It is not blocked on my phone or my husband's phone. It is blocked through the carrier for some reason. Nobody knew how to fix it and kept transferring me having me reverify all my information. By the 4th one I was frustrated and when I was "disconnected" I called back and got an even ruder person. Worst customer service ever. Worst mobile phone service I've ever had and I had Sprint when I was in college who everyone knew had the worst service until TMobile bought them out. ​

​I'm dropping this service as quickly as I can manage. ​


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3 months ago

Hello @user_89f894, thanks for reaching out for help on our forums! We're sorry to hear about this blocking concern. However, the only way to obtain Xfinity Mobile assistance is by using chat on our Xfinity Mobile website or calling/texting our dedicated support team at 1(888)936-4968.

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