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[Edited: "Solicitation"] I signed up for internet service with Comcast back in July 2022. When I received the modem/internet equipment, I was then also sent a Samsung galaxy. I called once I received the phone and was told that in order to get the Internet discount, I had to make payments on Xfinity Mobile. Come January 2023 when I was trying to cancel my internet service (which I was told I could cancel at any time), I find out that I have to continue to pay for the Xfinity mobile phone that I NEVER ordered or authorized payment on. I tried calling them so many times, went in person to their store, called the fraud department, reported fraud on my credit card (just for xfinity to re-charge me for the phone), tried removing my card number/ bank account (wasn't allowed to do). I finally was advised that I should return the phone which I did. They are saying they refunded my account $450 when there are no refunds in my bank account. 

This is WILD to me. Every time I call, I get so beyond frustrated that I almost just don't call so that I don't have to deal with them. No one has been helpful. I am considering getting a lawyer at this point in time. Did this happen to anyone else? 

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I am currently dealing with a similar situation. Im stuck with a phone and service I never wanted in the first place. I have spent over 20 hours on the phone, been lied to, bounced from dept to store to dept, final stop, the billing department asking how Id like to set up a payment arrangement. I replied with my lawyer. It seems this is something customer service is trained to do. Lie to the consumer so they end up out of the allotted return policy time and stuck with a bill. Im livid that they treat their customers like this. And how many thousands of dollars have been made off scamming their customers by free phone. Unbelievable. 

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