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Tue, Dec 15, 2020 7:00 PM

Xfinity Mobile Eating Data in First Day of Billing Cycle

About a month and a half into Xfinity Mobile (switched from AT&T).  Last month I used .86 Gig.  Now, first day of billing cycle I'm already at .67 Gig.  How is this possible?  Feels like a scam to upgrade.  Anyone else experience this problem of burning through data so quickly?  Called and spoke to a human.  They said there must be something running in the background.  I work from home and my cell phone is connected to WIFI all the time.  What's up?  Not liking Xfinity at all.





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6 m ago

Look in the settings for mobile data. It will show you which apps are using data and how much.


I suggest going into the app settings/manager, and turning off background data for the problem apps. I also suggest turning off mobile data and keeping it off unless you need to use it.


My phone shows Wi-Fi data usage and mobile data usage separately. Wi-Fi data usage isn't a concern for me. The mobile data is the one I pay attention to.

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