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Thursday, December 22nd, 2022 1:13 AM


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​I am trying to get assistance with my discount on my internet bill and have failed to get assistance via the chat or calling. I have been attempting since Monday to get assistance and continuously keep getting transferred to the xfinity mobile team but never get transferred. I also never connect to someone that can assist, then the chat loses connection and I have to repeat the process. ​

​I recently got Xfinity Mobile in order to receive a $20 discount toward my internet, but I’m being charged regular price with no discount. ​

​I am reaching out on the forums since no one can assist me on the chat, and I stayed on the phone for an hour on Monday with a representative that told me the specific department “would not take my call.”​

​I never had this sort of customer service issue with xfinity, I’m hoping this is not ongoing. ​

​Please assist, ​


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3 months ago

This may or may not help you, but you may be able to get the discounts that you were hoping to get, or don’t see because they are baked into the rate you already have. There are a couple of discounts, one for committing to 12 months, and another $5 or $10 for auto payment by bank account or credit/debit card respectively. 

First, be aware that rates are going up on January 1st, so act now!

Go to my.xfinity.com and login if not done automatically. 

1.) Click on My Account

2.) Click on Find Deals or Change Plan

3.) Click on your Current Plan (or other ones)

4.) And so on, and it should show you the savings if you commit to 12 months and auto payment options. 

I just successfully knocked my $70/month Connect More plan reduced from $50 to $45 by extending for another 12 months. 

Good Luck

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