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Fri, Feb 14, 2020 7:00 AM

Xfinity Mobile BYOD - Tablet?

Any idea when we will be able to BYOD a tablet? I have 2 already, a Samsung LTE tablet, and a WiFi only iPad. I don't need a third one.


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2 y ago

Hi carl5056,

Thanks for your question. As of now, tablets are not included in our BYOD program. We have recently expanded to include Google Pixel phones. It may be that in the near future we could incorporate tablets but currently there is no official timetable for integration.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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2 m ago

BYOD is a LIE!   It should BYOP checking with my attorney to see if there is any legal action I can take.   I went into the store the day before I purchase the ipad from Apple and was told by the representatives (have conversation recorded) that they could definitely activate an iPad 4th gen. .  obviously you have some major communication problems...this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of and now may cause me to move all five of my lines, 3 watches and two iPads to another carrier. I hope you guys realize how much you guys suck as a company.   I have never had more problems, service issues, unreliable service, slow service, and it just goes on...... just use my hotspot is what I was told that totally defeats the purpose    I am a disabled veteran and I’ve spent more time and money wasted fixing issues that should never have been in the first place.    I am also on the board of a condo association which currently uses Xfinity.  it is not just me that is fed up with you guys. We are actually going to pay to have fiber run ourselves just to have another provider give us service because NO ONE gets the internet speeds you say.  I have been an IT professional for 25 years and have two years of large files that prove this. I do have this in a spreadsheet and have collected it using cricket and other applications that monitor traffic in several locations.    

Thanks for wasting everyone’s time.  


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