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Friday, November 18th, 2022 3:33 AM

Xfinity is borderline criminal for why they are doing

Comcast is a company well known to be greedy and borderline criminal and their offshoot Xfinity mobile is no different.

after 36 hours of my new iPhone still not being activated I contacted support for the fifth time and had the tech-support person promised me that my phone would be activated within the next six hours and it was 100% guarantee. 

I made sure to screenshot and copy that entire conversation including the promise that my phone would be working before I went to bed with 100% guarantee.

it is absolutely no surprise that the phone still does not work coming up on the 40 hour mark.

because of Xfinity’s complete incompetence I did not receive the text message that my mother asked me to please go over after work and give her diabetic dog it’s insulin shot while she was stuck at the hospital with my father out of town. 

if my phone is not activated by the time I wake up tomorrow I will be talking to an attorney to see about pursuing Xfinity for false advertising and neglect as I believe that it was only a money grab scheme for them to offer the new iPhone 14 add a discount knowing that they could not deliver the promised service.

it is 100% criminal and everyone should spread the word to their friends and family to make sure no one else falls for this criminal trap. 

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