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Sun, Nov 14, 2021 8:31 PM


Xfinity cell service not compatible with Amazon devices!

Just changed from Verizon to Xfinity cell service.

I often forget what room I left my cell phone in and ask Alexa to call it (locate it). 

I can hear what sounds like Alexa calling and voicemail picking up but the phone doesn't actually receive the call.

My house is quite fun with Alexa gadgets and if xfinity service (the tech assured me that I would be accessing Verizon towers with my unlocked CDMA cell phone) and I saw a 3 month old thread regarding the same issue which the Xfinity Rep kept telling people to consult Amazon. It's not an Amazon issue!  Everything else works fine and the only change I made was the cell service.




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1 year ago

Hey there @SheGeek


For all Xfinity Mobile related questions, we'd recommend reaching out to Xfinity Mobile directly:


That said--I did just give this a try on my Gen 2 Echo Dot with an iPhone 12 Pro Max, and it did ring through, just went to my voicemail directly because I have Unknown Caller blocking active (too many spam calls). Out of curiosity, what is the make/model of the phone and which Amazon Alexa model are you using?


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