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Sun, Oct 18, 2020 7:00 PM

Won't Unlock my paid phone????

So I been a xfinity mobile customer since the beginning, I have 5 lines. During covid-19 i needed to agree to a payment plan. I have never missed our arrangement, and in fact payed more towards it.
I have a iPhone 7plus that's not activated on my account because I upgraded a while back and it's completely paid for.
I called Xfinity today to unlock MY PAID phone that I OWN., There response was we cannot unlock it because your in a payment agreement. Hello xfinity, covid-19, put a lot of people in harm's way and I have made All my agreed payments. This is my phone that I own.
In essence, you are in violation of my property.

Guess I will be forwarding the conversation to the news because I record all my conversation on my phone.


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