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Fri, Sep 4, 2020 3:00 PM

Voicemail transfer not complete

Bought an iphone from Xfinity and transferred my number from Verizon earlier this month. As I’ve seen others report here, I get no notifications when I have voicemail messages. In addition to that, the greeting on my voicemail is from my old Verizon voicemail and I am not able to set up Xfinity voicemail. I’ve talked to several people at Xfinity about this and they’ve tried everything, including replacing my phone but I can tell something wasn’t completely transferred.
I need someone to fix this with Verizon for me so I can use voicemail!


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5 m ago

I have the exact same issue and I have called Xfinity 5 times and talked to someone on the chat assistant, NO ONE can hep me. The newest advice I got was to take my iphone into an Apple store (that was today), I haven't gone yet but I will try that.


Were you able to get it fixed? I need help!

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