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Mon, Aug 23, 2021 1:44 AM

visual voicemail problems with Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra: one possible solution

After noticing that the Voicemail app on my new Samsung phone kept throwing out notifications of errors downloading voicemail, I dialled in to my voicemail box (using *86). I've relied on the visual voicemail feature for so long that I had no idea what my PIN was, so when I tried to enter what I thought it might be, it was rejected. After two more unsuccessful tries, the automated system (BTW, I HATE the automated system and its stupid voice prompts) told me I needed to contact support to reset my PIN.

When I did, the rep said she'd help me "try to figure it out". After some back and forth, she told me I was going to have to contact Samsung—even though the PIN problem came up when dialling my Xfinity Mobile voicemail box directly. Of course, that didn't make sense to me, so I said so. After all, when I was with Verizon and had problems with voicemail, I wouldn't call Motorola—I'd call Verizon, because THEY ARE THE WIRELESS PROVIDER. (Similarly, if you have problems with your cable connection, you don't call Sony or LG, you call Comcast.) Sadly, I let my impatience and frustration show, which the rep managed to match—until I finally hung up and went to my local Xfinity store instead.

As it turned out, I got the same information at the Xfinity store—but the person helping me did not act as though I should have already known what she was telling me. Her much calmer tone and more rational explanation (and the admission that they cannot directly reset the PIN; they have to elevate the problem to the next tier—with whom they cannot speak directly, they have to send email email) gave me the idea to check the Google Play store, where I was able to download and install the Xfinity Voicemail app. Upon opening that app, I was able to switch the voicemail box over to that—and successfully select a new PIN and set up my voicemail box.

So, it would appear (I'll know for sure the next time someone tries to leave me voicemail) that the easiest solution (unless you have a lot of voicemail you need to save) is to install the Xfinity Voicemail app. No runaround, no argumentative phone reps, no having to contact Samsung to fix what should really be an Xfinity Mobile problem.

And Xfinity—why not just steer folks to that solution instead of passing off the problem to the manufacturer of the phone? After all, we don't have Apple Mobile, LG Mobile, Motorola Mobile, or Samsung Mobile—we have Xfinity Mobile. If you can't provide the service that is part of your service, why are we paying you for that service? And resetting a voicemail PIN should be one of the SIMPLEST things you have to do. Seriously.

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