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Fri, Jan 22, 2021 9:00 AM

Visual Voicemail on I phone SE

All I can get on voicemail is to call voicemail. My previous phone was an iphone 7. I have siri turned on, have reset network settings and everything. Someone please help me..


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3 m ago

I have been having the same problem: 4 new lines switched from Verizon android to Xfinity iPhone.  Visual Voicemail is not working on any of them.


Two weeks ago I spent 3 hours on the line with Tier 2 support who ultimately threw up their hands and said it was an Apple problem and that I needed to request brand new devices from Apple becuase we must have gotten a bad batch. Honestly ridiculous!


I am on hold right now with Tier 2 support trying again. Fingers crossed it will be more successful this time.


I'm skeptical. If you read through the forums you will see this is a very common problem and no one at Xfinity (other than ComcastChrisL, who is no longer there) is able to fix this problem. They need to figure out this issue, which is becoming quite the problem.


Edit: after 1.5 hours this time, Tier 2 was able to reset voicemail on all four iPhones and they are not working correctly.

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