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Mon, Nov 23, 2020 12:00 PM

Upgrade mobile phone while limiting COVID exposure

I'd like to upgrade my (eligbile / in perfect condition) device. 
However,  the only option that seems availbable is to do this in-store. 

Considering that I can receive a replacment device or purchase  new one without ever setting foot in a store,  and given the national and local emplasis on limiting time in indoor public places,  (espeically relativly small ones like my local Xfinity store)  I find this very odd.


My phone is also in perfect condition (always carried with both a case and screen protector) AND it's covered by XFINITY Premium care / replacement insurance. 


Based on past experiences, the amount of data / app data,  and  complexity of my device setup (I use it for work,  so there are additional corporate secuirty policies and steps to migrate authenticate my accounts)  the migration process will take over an hour.  This seems like an unreasonable amount of exposure / risk both for myself and the store employees.


If the primary concern is that the condition of my device be evalualted by an Xfinity mobile employee,  then is there a way that I could complete the migration either at home or in my vehicle outside the store instead of needing to pointlessly increase the risk to everyone involved by standing in the store while doing that work? 



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7 m ago

the  only   way  i  can  think of is   too pay   your  phone  100%  off    and then   do  the    upgrade   from  home   other wise  dont no what  to  tell you 

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