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Fri, Aug 21, 2020 6:00 PM

Unlimited Xfinity Mobile Hot Spot pretty worthless

So we went from att to xfinity- better rates- why not- they offered the same like for like including if we purchased unlimited we would get the hotspot.  


Let me tell you  its bascially worthless at 3 G speeds.  yes worthless

on xfinity speed test  with my work phone i get 35.4 mbps with verizon  download speed  *****Xfinity**** for my wife and I personal  a robust 0.2 mbps  - now they want 20 per month to bump her up to 4G hotspot-  so XFINITY  why dont you give unlimited data users up 15 GBs of decent speed then cap.....  see below screen shot  says not worthy of even getting email   Can i cancel and move back to ATT ??????????  please help  suggestions  and yeah they said  go add the by GB and change over before billing cycle-  if i forget then the bill will be really big.........

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