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Trade In Phone Returned Despite Being In Perfect Condition

Sent my S20 to trade in for a large trade in value. Took them 2 weeks to check the phone, only to send it back a day the following day for "physical damage" that doesn't exist. I even had the phone looked at by a local company and had the screen repaired for a minor crack costing $200. Now I'm out $1000 because they rejected the phone... Was stuck on a 40 minute call until I received a "claim number" from Assurant, and yet they never directed me where to actually check my claim. Considering finding a new provider if this doesn't get fixed soon, has this happened to anyone else? I'm looking for any help I can get contacting the correct person about initiating the trade in again so that I can prove my phone has no damages.

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3 months ago

Hello, @user_3c2088! Thanks for reaching out to us on the forums! I apologize to hear of the issues you are running into when it comes to your phone. If you need to check the claim number please go to Assurant Xfinity Mobile Claims. Please let us know if you are still having issues.

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15 days ago


It has been more than a month that I cancelled a trading at Xfinity and sent their phone back. Basically within 14 days after receiving their phones as indicated in their policy. I’ve been waiting since then to get the phone I traded back or to have any update on what the device I’ve traded has become but never got any update. I contacted @Xfinity dozen of times, transferred to so many people talked to Ansurant, was even lied by agent that my phone was shipped back. I never seen that in my life. I’m not sure if anyone has ever got such issue and advise on this@XfinityMichaelC.


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