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Thu, Jan 30, 2020 2:00 AM

Tons of data when tethering

I am on day 4 with Xfinity Mobile, perfectly familiar with Mobile hotspot and tethering, and a little shocked that I racked up 9GB of data in a couple hours of tethering my laptop yesterday... Anyone seen a similar anomaly?

My last iPhone on Verizon totaled 9GB of data use over the course of two YEARS of simar tethering - sharing mobile data with my work laptop which is then connected to the work VPN.

I enabled and used the mobile hotspot for a total of about two hours yesterday.

I did not receive any patches or ungrade packages that I can tell. Just normal internet browser use and a few emails in and out.

I do have a custom name and password configured for my hotspot, no one else should have been able to connect.

My Samsung S9 says Mobile Hotspot and Tethering used 9.04 GB, and the Xfinity Mobile app tells me my plan consumed 8.64 GB (over the three days I have had the new service). That tells me the data actually moved, it isn't an Xfinity billing issue.

I am (was) on by-the-gig, so I realize tethering isn't throttled. (Thankfully, I was allowed to switch to Unlimited, so my bill will only be $45 instead of the $105 of overage.)

I understand it is theoretically possible to consume that much data in a couple hours, I just find it to be an enormous anomaly and too highly consequential with a brand new provider to not ask questions.

Does Xfinity automatically share my hotspot as and Xfinity hotspot and allow tons of other public devices to connect? Is something wrong with my phone? Any other ideas? I just don't ever want to repeat this issue!





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No, your phone doesn’t share it’s hotspot and no, Xfinity doesn’t either. Using a VPN uses lots of data (based on my prior experience)

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