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Wed, Nov 4, 2020 1:00 PM

Terrible customer service

Does anyone know how to reach the mobile care escalations department I have one of the directors personal cellphones but have not received a reply or call regarding an issue with another and told phone needed to be exchanged be cause of software defects and only photos app with high mobile data usage and I have like 51 total pics on phone and have been stuck in limbo and have a motarolla tech remoted into my phone I still believe he is now because it was a 24hr test and back ups and security downloads and do believe I'm gonna hear today he finds or found nothing wrong but why nemous times been told they want me to pick an option to start warranty and none at mobile cares call center will supply that number and why should I settle with a used phone when I know xfinity a permit agreements and policies have an option to process manufacturer's warranty thru xfinity and receive a either new device if available or a like new device complete in box with charger and cable with a manual in the box and that's word for word in our agreements so I have done process before on June ,30/2020/that order processed and now 10/28/2020/another warranty nightmare has begun with and oh well I'm just not get involved with no call backs and no corporate phone number and no help period but they do tell me to deal with motarolla and pay for a service I don't want or need and all I want is to use xfinity for the exchange under warranty and this time maybe no extra device payments because under warranty last time my device payment went back to a higher number and actually should have mirror the other device on account and actually minus. 1because I had to pay for taxes and first device payment so it would shipp to me so I'm back to 20and other phone is at 17to go so my device would have 16technally I'm sorry for no punctuation I forget that speak to type you have to say period or question mark and don't know how to go back and add things get messed up I've tried


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