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Sat, Oct 24, 2020 5:00 AM

temporarily unlock phone during international travel

Will travel oversea for about 4 weeks, my xfinity phone is under 24-month installment. The data cost of xfinity global is too much for me, is it possibile to unlock the phone for one month and I can use the local service oversea?



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7 m ago

I may be wrong but unlike a door once a phone is unlocked it can not be locked  again.


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7 m ago

XM may or may not unlock your SIM, but they may unlock your eSIM after you have had your phone for 30 or 90 day or so?


You need to call XM and ask for the following:

1.) Enable international roaming even though you may not use it. 

2.) Unlock the eSIM


If they unlock the eSIM you will be able to sign up for a data only plan from GigSky or other provider. Check out for options. 

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