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Tuesday, October 11th, 2022 10:29 PM

Taxes, fees, and other charges

​I recently signed up for the new promotion 2 lines for $60, I was honestly shocked with the amount of extra fees added to the bill, the total extra fees is $12.38.​

​911 fees:$1.64​

​988 fees:$0.24​

​Communications sales tax: $1.88​

​Regulatory recovery fee: $0.90​

​Universal connectivity charge: $7.72​

​Total: $12.38​

​20% in fees is not something you hide from customers. This is ridiculous, and im writing this so everyone is aware of this before signing up with them.​



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6 months ago

I fully agree!   I’ve been told that T-Mobile, recognizing how Consumers hate being socked with costly fine-print fees, had some time ago begun showing all inclusive pricing so there’ll be no ugly, costly surprises.    I regret not fully checking that out when I had the chance after I paid my Xfinity Mobile device off in September.   Major problems since with Xfinity…



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3 months ago

Yes Even i am having same issues. they dont have clear answers on why these taxes keep changing. Sometimes it is 5$ and sometimes i pay 7$, 9$ or 12$. They even credited some amount few months ago when i asked for incorrect taxes. But this time they are saying it is govt tax and we cant do anything. My Base bill amount changed in last few months from 90$ to 70$ and then to 40$ as I changed my plan to have less data but the taxes remain same and when i asked , they told it is per line and not with base amount. Imagine paying 7.5$ tax with 25$ of base amount. Really weird. I will move out after completing 2 years of my current plan



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6 days ago

Good to know! I better stay with T-mobile.

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