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Sat, Dec 26, 2020 10:00 AM

Swapping Sim Cards



I've got a new phone for one of my lines, and I've swapped out the sims to keep the newest phones.  Everything works fine for calling, messaging, etc., but I need to swap the imei numbers associated with the phone numbers.  Is there an easy way to do this?




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I swapped my sim into a new phone about a month ago. The Xfinity mobile app continued to show my old device but the new phone (Pixel 5) works fine. About a week ago I got a notification in the app stating that it looked like I was using the sim in a different device and asked if I wanted to change to the new device. When I said yes, it associated the sim with my new phone. The app continues to show my original phone when I select the tab for devices. When I tap on the icon for my old phone, I get a message indicating that the sim is paired with a different device (my new Pixel 5). When I select the new device it shows the new phone and the correct imei number. I'm not sure why Xfinity continues to show the original device and I don't know if there's a way to change that.


I didn't receive the December security update yet. I've tried several times to update through Settings>System>System update, without success. I'm hoping this will resolve itself in January.


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After you swap, it will now advise"so and so's sim is now paired with a different device".Once you click on "View paired Device", the app says "All network-related features will apply to this device. All billing-related functions-such as device upgrades and monthly payments are still synced to the original device". It will go on to the device info of the phone you paired the sim card into. Everything is therefore fine, the phone function and billing. This from personnal experience.




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I just went through the same scenario.  Swapped SIM from 3XL to my new 4a5G.  Xfinity know that this is a problem.  I went to the store and spent 45 minutes while the clerk was on the phone working on getting it adjusted.  MY old 3XL stills shows on the account as "deactivated".


In the process they added my new phone as a "new line" and put it in on the Unlimited Plan.  Had to go back to the store and get it moved back to my By the Gig shared plan.  That only took 1 1/2 hours!


I am also still waiting on the December Update.  Google says it's an Xfinity issue and Xfinity says it is a Google issue.

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