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Fri, Oct 23, 2020 12:00 PM

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Good Afternoon,


Here is a riddle for you: TVs and other non-Xfinity service devices are able to connect to wifi and operate without having a "mobile data" connection (data through Xfinity). Yet, when my wife connects to the wifi on her phone with her mobile data off, she is unable to stream, load a webpage, etc., but when she turns her mobile data on (still connected to the wifi) she is able to stream and all that fun stuff. Why is this?


My understanding is that this device should operate through the use of Wifi, which is provided by Xfinity as well, just as any other device can operate with a Wifi connection.  Is there something that I am not understanding or a difference in equipment functionality that I might be overlooking?


Please explain.



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7 m ago

If she is still at home with her data turned on is she actually using moble data or is she still using Wi-Fi data? Her phone should be using your home wi-fi as long as thats the strongest signal.




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7 m ago

It sounds like the phone is not actually onnected to the Wi-Fi signal. Have you confirmed in the gateway or router info that the device has connected first? I know sometimes I connect to a signal and it says connected with no internet, but that shouldn't be happening on your home network. Is she on you personal network or using the Xfinity or Xfinitywifi network? If on of the latterm perhaps she is somehow connected to a weaker signal from a neighbor.

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