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Wed, Nov 3, 2021 11:09 PM

Store Stock

I have been trying to upgrade my phone to a Pixel 6 Pro but NONE of the stores had any in stock.  The Xfinity Store isn’t close and there isn’t any way to call the local store to inquire on when/if they have stock.  Will Xfinity offer a way to check phone availability before time and fuel is wasted on a trip to store?  Will Xfinity ever offer online phone upgrades?




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3 m ago

Nope! When I ordered my phone I was given a date of November 5th… well today's the 5th & no phone, no email with tracking number and no update on the billing page. So I called only to get told the date is now the 24th! I have been with Xfinity since day one… I have stuck up for them more times than I can count. I get that there's a shortage of parts. I get that trying to get these parts shipped to the US is a nightmare. What I don't get is lying... I hate liars! Don't waste your time going to the Xfinity story either… I've done it twice and there isn't anything you can do. Especially on a Friday… if you're going to go your best bet is on a Tuesday but even then it'll most likely be a wasted trip. 

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3 m ago

Hello @Bluphi93, thank you for reaching out for help with your Xfinity Mobile devices. Xfinity Mobile support on social media is currently limited, and we only have access to help with general questions about pricing, service offers, and basic troubleshooting available on xfinitymobile.com.

For the best help, please contact our Xfinity Mobile support center through any of the following methods: 

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