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Tuesday, December 27th, 2022 4:58 PM

Signal Booster/Remote Antenna (again)

​Before I try tech “support” again I thought I’d ask here. Traveling in my RV I end up in low signal strength areas and being in a big metal box doesn’t help. I looked over the Xfinity web site and found one of the suggested solutions was using a signal booster (​​https://www.xfinity.com/hub/mobile/5-ways-to-improve-your-cell-phone-signal​​). With this in mind I purchased an $$$ King Cellular Booster. The problem is, while other carriers have web pages with instructions on how to register a booster/remote antenna (to include the Sprint page), other than the suggestion to use a booster in weak areas, the Xfinity site has ​​no​​ help on how to do this. A call to tech support last year had to be one of the #​​most frustrating​​ experiences. I was forwarded around the world to various call centers. First I got sales pitches for WiFi pods. I already use them for my home Internet but it has nothing to do with cellular signals. If you don’t already have WiFi a booster won’t help a bit. Their suggestion made it clear the person on the line had no clue about what I was asking. After being passed on to other tech support people over and over I’d be told “Yes, I you can use a cellular booster” but s/he had no idea how to do it. Going to a Xfinity store the person suggested I call Sprint because they manage the network. I tried but without a full Sprint account it was a fail. ​

​Now I’m in the process of buying a new phone and deciding if I want to continue to stay with Xfinity. Without the ability to pull in weak signals in the RV using an external antenna and booster whatever savings I might get from staying with Xfinity is a waste.​

​ ​

​Has anyone been able to make use of Xfinity’s suggestion to use a signal booster with their Xfinity account? For any Xfinity person responding, if this isn’t possible than ​​WHY​​ do you continue to suggest it on your website? I trusted it before buying the expensive signal booster that remains unused. Without some way to register the booster the company web page seems to to be false information.​


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3 months ago

The article in your link above is three years old and is a generic article on cell phone signals, not specific to Xfinity Mobile!

XM does not support and never will support any cell phone boosters. Most boosters from the major carriers no longer work as they were 3G which have now been 99% shut down. 

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3 months ago

Thank you for reaching out on the forums, @user_160310! We have very limited access to Xfinity Mobile (XM) accounts, but you can reach their team directly by calling (888) 936-4968, or by going to their dedicated chat, via the following link: https://comca.st/3CbgiyZ.

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