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Sat, Nov 14, 2020 9:00 PM

Samsung S8 trouble activating

After a complicated and convoluted process, it looks like my number has been transferred over from AT&T (I no longer have AT&T connection) - however, I do not have connection to Xfinity either at this point - it says Emergency Calls Only and there is no data service (i.e., I now have no phone). (Yes, I switched SIM cards.¬†ūü§£)


It has already been several hours, so it's not just a matter of time.


Customer support told me it "has not finished activating", stayed on the phone with me for ~10 minutes telling me every ~2min that it "hasn't finished" yet, then dropped me (and at that point it seemed that customer service is done for the night).


No help on the web site - it just says that my phone is "inactive", with no options.


Selected APN is one of the "Verizon Internet" (VZWINTERNET).

I tried adding an APN based on settings for Xfinity that I found on the Internet (e.g., to no avail.


Thanks for any suggestions.


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8 m ago

Well - I spent an inordinate amount of time yesterday and today trying to resolve this, with several phone support people and with an agent at an Xfinity store.


Then I did some more searching on the Internet, and came across some messages on various forums (inc. this one) that Samsung Galaxy models ending in U1 (such as mine - SM-G950U1) are, for whatever reason, incompatible with Xfinity Mobile.


Before ordering SIM cards I used the IMEI checker, which indicated that my phone was compatible (otherwise I wouldn't have been able to get the SIM card in the first place...); and none of the support people thought to even check on this. (And the phone support system isn't exactly stellar in general.)


Now I have to spend more time on transferring my number *back* to the original carrier.


I have contacted Comcast to ask for some compensation for all the time I wasted, such as a free month of Internet service.

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