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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 4:00 AM

return label for Mobile phones

We have been comcast customers for 29 years. On December 16th 2020 we decided to try the Mobile service and got two new phones. My phone didn't receive text messages, I took it back to the store, the guy gave me a new SIM card and told me to install at home with customer service tech, he couldn't do it at the store. On December 22, 2020 and after 6 days of messing with this phone I had had enough, we went back to AT&T, ported our numbers back and went to Xfinity store to return the phones, they had JUST closed. I returned the next day and they said a Shipping Label had been e-mailed to me but it hadn't... I called technical support, they said it was processing. I got a reminder to send the phones back...NO SHIPPING LABEL TO SEND THESE BACK WITH YET!!!! someone help me, I can NOT afford $1250.00 charged to my card. I can't get anyone to help me on the phone, the manager of the store wasn't any help, she told me to check my SPAM for the e-mail with the RETURN LABELS...I'm at wits end, can someone HELP PLEASE


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6 m ago

This is also happening to me right now.  I have called five times and have received the exact responsses you are getting.  I am thinking they keep you in a circular loop to charge the money in the end.   

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