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Wed, Jan 12, 2022 7:05 PM

Retention / Loyalty / Billing - Extreme charges and being forced to pay for an additional phone that was never ordered.

So my father in law is 78 years old and is not the greatest with technology & often reaches out to me on what he should do and advice. He has a son that is mentally handicap and needed a phone so they decided to add him to there plan. 10gb data shared not realizing that going over this would involve being billed at 15 dollars per gb. They ordered the phone and then activated it for him and a few days later a second phone arrived that they never ordered so they figured they would give xfinity a call after they dealt with the holidays (had never been activated or opened.) the holidays past and they had gotten tested postive for covid so they have been resting trying to get better.

Last night he was checking his email and found a bill from comcast for over $400 apparently the son had used 36gb of data and they had no idea. He decided to contact xfinity this was the first point of contact for the extra phone as well. He was told that they could do nothing for the past bill as it had generated yesterday & that if he would have changed it to unlimited prior to the bill generating it would have been fine. So they said all they could do was upgrade all 4 lines to unlimited to prevent it in the future and that he was stuck with the phone cause it was past the 14 day return period even though he never purchased two phones. Essentially sticking him with $700 additional that he would be paying this year.

He is pretty livid at this point. I convinced him to switch to xfinity mobile I have had zero issues & its been a great service but now he's talking about canceling $300 in xfinity home services and switching his 3lines back to tmobile.

Is there anything we can do? this seems a little crazy, you would think that they would have just altered the previous bill to unlimited for all the phones and told them to ship back the extra phone.. maybe provided a shipping label.

On top of everything that happened the representative activated the phone they never ordered as he said he would need to, so he could complete the return. So now the line is active even though he never wanted it. Well I understand some policy this just seems like xfinity is taking advantage of an elderly person that barley knows how to place a call let alone use the xfinity app to monitor and change there data. I understand a 14 day return period but on a device he never even ordered? someone screwed up and he seems to be getting the brunt of it.

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our Xfinity Forums. I'm truly sorry that due to account security with Xfinity Mobile, our options are limited over social media. Please call or text 1-888-936-4968 and one of our dedicated Xfinity Mobile specialists are there for assistance 24/7. You can also visit our Xfinity Mobile assistant page, where we have support available thorough chat as well: https://comca.st/3vkGv93.

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