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Thu, Jun 23, 2022 3:19 AM

Requested Phone Unlock 1 week ago. It's still locked and agents are unhelpful

I am moving soon and I need to switch providers, but I can't switch providers until my phone is unlocked. I put in a request to unlock my phone on the morning of June 16th, but my phone is still locked. I have had no prior problems with Xfinity (either customer support or service), but this customer service experience has been so bad that Xfinity is now on the short list of companies that I will never do business with again.

Quick Explanation:

I was initially told it would take 24-48 hours for my phone to be unlocked. Then another agent clarified that it would take 24-48 business hours. Yet another agent clarified that those 24-48 business hours begin at the start of the next business day. Two agents never called me back after I waited patiently for 15-30 minutes on hold and the line disconnected, despite one of them explicitly telling me she would. Two agents (one of which is a Tier 2 agent) put in NEW unlock requests for me without my consent. Two different agents have said my account is still unlocked because these new unlock requests have caused the 24-48 hour unlocking waiting period to be reset. The two Tier 2 agents I spoke with could not find any reason why my account is still locked. The last Tier 2 agent told me that they would call me back in 2 hours, and I’m still waiting for that call 5 hours later. 

Detailed timeline of events:

June 16 - I called and requested my phone be unlocked. Request successfully confirmed via email from Xfinity at 10:56am. The agent on the phone told me it would take 24-48 hours to process.

June 19 - I called to see why my phone was still unlocked. This agent told me that it actually takes 24-48 BUSINESS hours (so not including the weekend). The agent said it should be finished on June 20th (Monday), but that it would for sure be finished June 21st (Tuesday). I mentioned to the agent that Monday was a federal holiday, but the agent said that timeline would still hold true.

June 21

Call #1 (36 mins) - I called to see why my phone was still unlocked. The agent put me on hold for, I am not exaggerating, 25+ minutes straight while she looked into what was going on. The line then "disconnected". I never received a call back.

Call #2 (23 mins) - After waiting for the call back that never happened, I decided to try again. I specifically told this agent to call me back if we disconnected and she agreed to do so. After putting me on hold for 15+ minutes, the line "disconnected" again and I never received a call back.

Call #3 (44 mins) - After waiting for the call back that never happened, I decided to try yet again. I told the agent what had just happened, and that I needed to speak to a supervisor to help me because this was getting ridiculous. The agent refused to transfer me and told me that I needed to give them a chance to help me, so I did. I waited 25+ minutes on hold. When the agent came back they told me that they couldn't figure out the problem, so they were transferring me to a supervisor (tier 2 agent).

The tier 2 agent was eventually able to tell me that the 24-48 business hours doesn’t begin counting until the start of the NEXT BUSINESS DAY (even though my request was made early in the early morning). She also told me that since Monday was a federal holiday it didn’t count toward the 24-48 hours, contradicting what the agent on June 19th told me. She told me that my phone would definitely be unlocked tomorrow (June 22), and that if it wasn't unlocked by 5pm I should call back again.

June 21 Call #4  -  I received a call from one of the two Xfinity agents whose call was disconnected. Unfortunately this call back happened 5+ HOURS after we were disconnected. Worse than that, they said that they already went ahead and put in ANOTHER request to unlock my phone, despite me never asking for this. Why is that a problem? Just wait …

June 22

Call #1 (18 min) - My phone was still locked at 6pm, so I called back again. The agent told me that the reason my phone was still locked is because the agent from yesterday put it another request to unlock my phone, and that new request means I have to wait ANOTHER 24-48 business hours (that begin at the start of the next day). I asked to speak to a tier 2 agent so I could confirm what I heard.

The tier 2 agent said this was not the reason. She put me on hold, but after speaking with higher ups she still couldn’t figure out why my phone was still locked. She escalated my request to some internal department that handles unlocking phones. She told me that my phone will likely be unlocked within the next few hours, but that it could take up to 24 additional hours to unlock (if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that … ).

Lastly, she told me she would call me back in 2 hours to see if my phone was unlocked. By now it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it’s now been 5 hours and I still haven’t received a call back, and I frankly don’t expect to ever receive a call back.

Call #2 (78 mins) – After waiting for THE THIRD TIME for a call back that never happened, I decided to try one last time. I waited over an hour while this agent investigated the problem, and her explanation was that my phone is still locked because the additional unwanted unlock request made by that agent.

Not only that, but apparently the tier 2 agent I spoke with earlier today put it ANOTHER request to unlock my phone, and as a result I will need to wait ANOTHER 24-48 business hours (that begin at the start of the next day). I never even thought to ask the Tier 2 agent about that, because I assumed since she was a Tier 2 agent she was competent enough not to cause an even bigger headache for me + she said that she “escalated my request” which implies that the old request was escalated, not that a completely new request was not made. I’m not sure which of these agents is correct, but I’m not happy either way.

She told me that her supervisor will call me back tomorrow, but anyone still reading this knows I won’t receive a call back and even if I do I’ll receive terrible support.


I have to ask, is this the first time anyone at Xfinity has ever unlocked a phone before?  Why do all of your agents give such conflicted and misguided information?



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@XfinityChe​ reached out to me to discuss this issue in a different post. I gave him all the information he needed to investigate my issue. Yet he told me that you won't investigate my situation unless I'm physically present in chat with him the entire time he investigated. I made him fully aware just how much time I've wasted with multiple customer service reps trying to resolve such a trivially simple issue as a phone unlock.

Every interaction with an Xfinity agent has gone like this: 

1) I explain the situation and give them all the necessary information

2) They put me on hold while they investigate for 30-60 minutes.

3) They come back and tell me a new excuse for why my account is still locked.

I completed step 1 with him. But he said I need to be physically present for step 2? Okay, so I sat around wasting my night while he “investigated”. He then told me that "I have investigated the issue, you need an unlock code in order to unlock the phone. To get the unlock code. this code does have to get emailed to you directly by an Xfinity mobile specialist. You will need to reach out directly to them through phone their phone number 1-888-936-4968, or directly through their direct chat service https://comca.st/3zUdMNn. They will have full and complete access to your account and will be able to ensure that you get the unlock code."

He is the first agent that has ever said anything to me about an unlock code. In fact, Xfinity's own email confirmation of my unlock request specifically says "We received your request to unlock your Samsung - Galaxy S20 FE 5G UW and have completed our part of the process. Your phone will notify you once the carrier lock is removed. To use your phone with another SIM card, simply insert the new SIM card into your phone."  There is NO MENTION OF AN UNLOCK CODE anywhere. The email makes it clear that I just need to wait for my phone to notify me and I’m set.

There's 2 possibilities:

1) The other 7 agents I spoke with are incompetent AND Xfinity's unlock request confirmation email messages are incorrect.

2) This agent is wrong.

Either way, Xfinity has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

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I truly apologize for causing any further frustrations. I understand from your experience this has been a very long and frustrating road for you. First let me clarify we are available here for you at your convenience. I apologize if any of my responses to you were misleading in that respect in any way. But as we gather information and details we are going to continue to engage you. As to if and when you respond to those responses to us, that can be done at anytime. This is one of the advantages of reaching out to us through this forum. 

As far as unlocking the device. I wish this was truly a simple request and issue. I am a problem solver and I would love to resolve this for you. I have advised you of the steps that are needed to ensure that we get the device unlocked for you. I know that you would have loved to have heard that I have unlocked the phone for you without further steps or interaction needed from you. However, that is not the case for this particular issue. 


As far as the unlock code is concerned, I am truly sorry that your email did not advise or mention the unlock code. Perhaps since you have had so many issues previously getting the device unlocked this is the next step into ensuring that this is resolved. 


Regarding your experience and time, I get it trust me, I am a single mom working 2 jobs, time is a commodity that I do not have, which is why I worked as quickly as I could to get you an answer to assist you. I will also ensure that your feedback regarding your experience is forwarded so that we can ensure that this experience is improved going forward. 



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Agent Che told me to call the Xfinity mobile specialist number. I checked my records today and I already spoke with them... 3 different times, no help. I'm on the phone with them now and I've been on hold for 20+ minutes with no help.

Agent Che gave me a link to xfinity mobile's chat. I already tried them several times times and received even worse help.

This is a [Edited: "Language"] joke


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