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Wed, Jun 16, 2021 9:46 PM

Replacement phones

On May 28 I switched from Sprint to Xfinity Mobile taking advantage of the free Motorola phones. I needed 2 for the 2 lines I have. When they arrived June 3 we activated the phones and soon realized Motorola was not for us so we called in and explained that to the agent and so she suggested Samsung Galaxy A52. The price was right, $10.43/month, and so 2 phones were ordered to be replacement for the Motorola. June 7 came. My wife got her phone but something happened on FedEx end and my phone was lost. The tracking number said it was canceled and was being sent back to the warehouse. So I called in on June 10th. I was told that it would take 24-72 hours for xfinity to take the lost phone off my account before a new one could be shipped. I called back on day 4 of that period and still no phone was ordered. I was on the phone 4½ hours with customer service trying to straighten out the removal of a lost phone to a phone that would actually reach me. I was promised emails that never came.  "Oh it will be ordered as soon as the lost phone comes off your account" I've been told that for a week now. All I want is the 2nd Samsung A52 at the price I was quoted on June 3rd. Xfinity is making this a ME problem when it is a THEM problem. 


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