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Thu, Jul 22, 2021 10:32 PM

RE: How to Escalate to Higher Mgmt for [Edited: "Inflammatory"] Customers

Same here I [Edited: "Inflammatory"] really very very bad customer service experience with Agent "Mhel" (ID- 032597) 

Had Xfinity mobile and comcast xfinity internet plan at same address <xyz>.

Having 3 lines (2 lines are of my own device and 3rd line is in promotion i.e. iPhone SE with 24months of contract).

Now I have changed address to new location <abc>.

At old Address XYZ I used to pay 30$ plus taxes for 3 lines with 3GB shared data.

Looks like they have a process NOT to transfer promotion phone line to the new address. now they are asking to pay 25$ for services(As I have NOT having internet service at old address) and need to pay 15$ per month with 1GB data minimum. i.e. 25$ + 15$ = 40$ plus taxes. 

Instead of paying 30$ per month, now I have to pay 70$ plus taxes per month.

I personally feel Xfinity mobile is cheating customers with the wired process they have in place. 

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2 m ago

Good evening, we are so sorry to see that you feel this way about the XFINITY mobile service. In order to discuss your account, you would need to reach out to our mobile experts at either https://comca.st/370OYDv or through (888) 936-4968. Let us know if you have any issues with either of these options. 

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