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Thu, Sep 16, 2021 3:17 PM

Process for upgrading from 4G iPhone 11 to 5G iPhone 12/13?

If I buy an iPhone 13 direct from Apple, can I just swap my XM SIM card from my iPhone 11 to the 13?  I am already on the 5G by the gig plan.   If not, what is the process?  Apple is offering $340 trade-in value(that can be done in the store).   XM offers less than $250, so depending on what "deals" may be present tomorrow, it may be cheaper to just buy directly through apple.

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Hello, @not_too_shabby. Thank you for reaching out for help with Xfinity Mobile service, via our Xfinity Forums support page. We greatly appreciate you being an Xfinity customer!


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