Monday, November 20th, 2023 6:43 PM

Predatory Practices: Xfinity Refuses to Credit Bill

Xfinity Mobile is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had from a mobile carrier. They over charged me by almost $1000, the credited back part of it, and then claim they won’t credit the rest, even after guaranteeing me that they would fix the bill. Even better, the reps on the phone gave me fake names, and then their supervisor blew their cover when she hopped on and said their real name. She even had to mute herself for a brief second to ask what name was given by the rep. I’m cancelling my service and reporting them to the BBB and FTC. I’m also going into the store to get my bill credited. 

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13 days ago

Hi, @user_cs2023Thanks for spending your time today to contact XFINITY over our forums page for help with the credit concern. This is definitely not the experience we like to hear about. I am sorry to learn about this experience. You've come to the right place for a solution. We can help. Were you able to visit the store since you last reached out?

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