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Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 4:00 AM


Ported number from Verizon to Xfinity but Voicemail still goes to Verizon

I just signed up with xfinity mobile and ported four phone numbers from my old Verizon wireless service. Everything is working great except for voicemail. When I attempt to access voicemail (either by holding the "1", dialing my own number, or dialing *86), I am connected to my old Verizon wireless voicemail. I can't access my xfinity mobile voicemail. There are a few other threads on here about the same problem, but they are closed and they don't specify what was done to fix the problem. Can anyone please help?



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1 year ago

There are 2 groups / databases that each handle voice vs messaging when porting a phone.  Sometimes, the voice portion gets completed before all the changes roll through for messaging.  If it does not resolve within 2 days, then do a chat with xfinity and ask them to send another request to the SMS Aggregators.  People use different terms for this, but typically xfinity will need to send another request to the SMS aggregators to rebroadcast the change.  If the person you are talking to or chatting with does not understand what you are asking for, then tell them to escalate to someone who does.  Otherwise, they will just say "wait another day" or "I am sure it will resolve" and do nothing.  

Not unusual to happen for a day or so, but more than 2 days requires them to take action to resolve.  




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@blueman-2​ Thank you for the reply, I'll see if it resolves by tomorrow, and if not, I'll try that. And I will reply here with what I had to do to resolve it for others in the future, LOL.

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I'm glad to hear you were able to get some assistance. If that doesn't help, due to account security, we are limited on access to your Xfinity Mobile Account here on Social Media and we do recommend reaching out to our experts to ensure your concern is resolved. You can reach them by texting or calling 1 (888) 936-4968. You can also chat with an expert here

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11 months ago

I've had the same problem for weeks and haven't been able to get Xfinity to fix it. The Xfinity store manager has submitted a ticket to the technical folks and still no solution. Please let me know if you get a resolution. I've also called several times with no results.

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8 months ago

Same, it's now Jan 2023. 

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