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Sat, Oct 31, 2020 1:00 PM

PLEASE HELP -- YOUR REP SWITCHED OLD number to Xfinity Mobile now I have no SERVICE!!!!

After speding at least 2 weeks of my life (10 hours of that being yesterday and this morning) trying to successfully switch my number over from T-Mobile to the new phone I bought just 2 weeks ago, I finally get someone on the phone, and now my phone is inoperable! I was told by the OUTSOURCED rep, who I could barely understand: "if the phone drops from this call, that means your phone number switched just need to power it off and turn it back on in 5 mins." I did as she instructed. Upon turning it back on, I tried to make a call... after a few rings I hear "welcome to VERIZON, to place this call, you can use a credit card number..." EXCUSE ME? How is Verizon a factor? Do they own Comcast? Then I receive an email saying that the Tmobile info I provided doesnt' match what they have on file, though all info was correct. The number assistance number they provided in the email is apparenlty to a hub that closed at 1pm PST. Now I CANNOT use my phone, and I'm due to go out of town this afternoon. I have to change my plans via email, because I have no phone! This is totally unacceptable. PLEASE HELP NOW!!!! I would expect to NOT have to PAY for my Service for the whole month of October; that's IF  XFINITY / Comcast, is at all interested in Value Add (Cust. Service). I'm not sure that you all can facilitate being a mobile carrier, as suggested by the customer service I've been provided AND the amount of others having similar problems with the 'run-around' AND the "long wait times..." @least 3 of the 10 calls I've made to you in 2 weeks, have had wait times of 4-4.5 hours, and DID NOT usually offer the call back option, in the event that you decided not to HOLD THE PHONE FOR 4-5 hours.


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