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Thu, Oct 8, 2020 3:00 PM

Phones that support Visual Voicemail

We would like to upgrade my mother's Xfinity phone, but she relies on visual voicemail quite a bit as she has difficulting hearing.


When I purchased my Xfinity new phone (a Moto g7 Power), I found out after the fact that visual voicemail was not supported.


Which of the android phones that Xfinity currently offers still support visual voicemail?




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7 m ago

I am trying to figure that out myself after 4 text chats & 2 customer service calls since Saturday, the day after I started w/xfinity. Apparently,my newGalaxy A51 is not 1 of the ones that can use visual voicemail. I wish they would let us know before we purchase a phone whether or not it's supported. xfinity's app is ancient, and, according to several google searches, is only usable on older Samsung phones. It may be the same with all post 2018phones,as I am seeing people who have iPhones also have issues.  I may go crawling back to vzw, tailbetween my legs tomorrow. Who wants to use a dial in vm system from 1994, where you have to dial *86 and listen through aaaaaaaallllllll your saved messages if you hit the wrong button when deleting your most recent call?

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