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Mon, Nov 16, 2020 10:00 PM

Phone number not connected to account, no one can help on the phone and we need to get access

So I’m about done with xfinity. But of course I can’t be. They have blacklisted my husband’s phone...Let’s start from the beginning. My husband went from a Samsung to an iPhone. Swapped the sims it worked and he didn’t think anything of it. I told him we should call xfinity to update the info online to show the iPhone so we did. Ever since then has been nothing but problems. They disconnected his phone from our plan and did god knows what on their end but finally got his phone working after DAYS of being on the phone with them. We thought nothing of it. Then today his phone stopped working... 2 months since our last ordeal. When he makes a call it says he owes money to xfinity. Okay weird, we have auto pay. I go and check... his line isn’t connected to my account. Okay cool we call xfinity from his phone which is the only number that works... the auto system says the number isn’t connected to an account. Okay, after 6 different reps all telling us different things then transferring us to tier 1 and tier 3 but then being stuck in hold for hours we’ve given up. I did some digging myself. Found out his phone number pops up in the quick phone option. But NO ONE COULD FIND THE ACCOUNT. I’m tired. Tired of being on the phone. Not to Mention we went to the xfinity store and no help. Cant even pay the bill that’s there for whatever reason. We have friend every way and we can’t. Someone scr*wed our account up so bad and now we are stuck with a new iPhone we can’t even go get activated anywhere else over $90. I JUST WANT TO PAY THIS BALANCE AND LEAVE XFINITY MOBILE. PLEASE HELP ME. My husband needs his Phone for work


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