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Fri, Feb 26, 2021 12:00 PM

Outbound Caller ID name change

So I tried the chat feature twice and they just dropped me and I'm now on the phone with customer service for 32 minutes now regarding the fact that if I call you my outbound caller id shows up as my old married name.  I went back to my maiden name a YEAR ago. My bill has all the correct information but when I ask them to change it to my maiden name from the old married name they are telling me they can't do it.  They can only change it to say "wireless caller".....FURTHER, they can not give me any explanation as to why at one time it had my name on it and now they can only make it "wireless caller".  For a company that's supposed to be THE BEST, their customer service is hands down THE WORST.


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8 m ago

Caller ID


XM currently only sends your caller ID (phone number) not your name (caller ID Name or CNAM). The issue has to be fixed somewhere on the receiving carrier side. The receiving carrier has the old or bad name either in their own database or in an old land line database that they are accessing. 

My suggestion is to get the customer support number from the receiving carrier and give them a call from your mobile phone and ask them if they see the incorrect name and if so see if they can correct their database. Worth a try. Let us know if you have any luck with this approach. 



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3 m ago

I used my phone for work when I was with Bank of America. I moved companies and my caller ID still reflects Bank of America. I do not believe Bank of America would be pleased that their name is coming through on my wireless phone to the public. When I called Xfinity Mobile they gave me the run around and told me to call Apple. I call apple and they actually tried helping but said it is 100% Xfinity. I am calling Xfinity again and if that doesn't work, I will have to then ask Bank of America to get their attorney's involved. 

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Hello! I apologize that you have had issues getting the name changed on your outgoing caller ID. We do have a dedicated team of Xfinity Mobile experts that can assist you with this issue, and they can be reached via chat here: • Chat:

Thank you! -Ty

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