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Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 4:41 PM

Not receiving verification codes


I'm a new Xfinity Mobile customer and since the move, I am no longer receiving many of my verification codes (text messages), even the verification code text messages from Xfinity.

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3 months ago

XM may have to reprovision your line and this may require that they suspend then resume your line or something similar. This will most likely require level/tier 2 support.

Before calling the 888 number try a few things if you haven’t already done so:

1.) Power off phone, remove SIM, insert SIM, power on, reset network settings, reconnect to WiFi, power off and on, and then send yourself an SMS from your email by emailing [Edited: "Personal Information"], or have someone else send you an SMS to see if you can receive an SMS. Also send someone else an SMS to verify that sending works. 

2.) If not successful you will need to call the 888 number and explain to customer support that you are not receiving SMS and need to have level/tier 2 support suspend and resume your line, and don’t let them offer you a new SIM. Once they agree to connect you to level/tier 2 they will forward your call, and you might have to get into a call-back queue. 

I just did this last week and was successful after updating to a new iPhone and losing the ability to receive SMS, but it took a little time, and it would be useful to have another phone line available during this process. 

Good Luck!


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3 months ago

Thank you for letting us know. I can understand the concerns when you have set up two-factor authentication, and not getting the alerts. I can help! We are limited on what we can do with Xfinity Mobile accounts, and devices over this platform, however I would make sure you have updated your contact info, on the places you are not receiving the alerts from, and maybe reentering your preferences on those sites. For specific Xfinity Mobile Support please call or text 1 (888) 936-4968, or reach out to our secure online chat. Thank you! 



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2 months ago

 See now that's the point how can I log in to change the settings when I can't get into the site because I can't get my verification code I don't have APC or another device only my cell phone for accessing the Internet so I can't get into the sites I need to change the settings on because I'm not getting my security codes sent to my phone since I've changed over to xfinity mobile what is the resolve for that

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Thank you for commenting on the post. Just to make sure I am undersatnding, you are not able to receive a verification code to your phone number since changing to Xfinity Mobile? Did your phone number change?

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