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Sun, Jan 10, 2021 7:00 AM

No voicemail notification on iPhone

Transferred my number to XM. Had an Android on previous carrier, and purchased an iPhone with XM. Ever since transferring I only get cryptic texts when I get a new voicemail and I have no option to set up voicemail on my phone. Tried chatting with support, but I didn’t get anywhere with them. Any advise?



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Here is my suggestion for fixing visual voicemail if you have switched between Android and Apple iOS.


1.) Make sure that the IMEI on your device matches the IMEI on your XM account so that XM knows whether your device is Android or iOS. 

2.) Reset Network Settings. Power Off, then Power On again. 


This probably will not fix the problem for many of you, so you will need to start over as follows:


1.) Call XM at 800-266-2278 and ask for tier 2 visual voicemail support to switch your settings from Android to Apple iOS.

2.) Then Power off and Power On again. Maybe reset network settings again.

3.) Now go to Phone > Voicemail and set up your phone (It might say call voicemail)


Here is an old article on iPhone Voicemail


Remember that voicemail uses cellular/carrier data (or WiFi Calling) so you should have your cellular data enabled.

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