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Fri, Feb 7, 2020 7:00 AM

No network coverage on Galaxy S8 BYOD


I recently ported my Galaxy S8. It unlocked phone purchased from Best Buy and supports both GSM & CDMA network. Also verified on Verizon on site the IMEI is compatible.

But after putting SIM and activating it, I don't get any network coverage. It just shows emergency calls only.

From Phone settings I tried enable WIFI calling but it's not getting enabled. Tried network resetting, selecting provider manually and set APN manually but nothing help.

I searched on Google but did not find any solution. Somewhere in reditt I read it is firmware issue and need to specific firmaware ROM to be out on phone. Not sure if it is real issue.

Note, yet to try factory reset.

If anyone faced similar issue ?
please respond here if anyone call help.

Thanks in advance.


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1 y ago



I did the factory reset the phone but it did not help.


I came across the below thread on Reddit and it worked for me. I had to update/replace the firmware of the phone to firmware made for Xfinity Mobile.


Firmware installation is pretty easy on Samsung phones, only you need Odin Windows Software and Firmware file. Connect the phone and install the firmware. You can find tutorials on Google/Youtube.


I downloaded Xfinity firmware from

The version picked is:


Please check for "Comcast (CCT) " while downloading any firmware that is for Xfinity Mobile.


This way I think you can use any Galaxy S8 and above phones with Xfinity Mobile even IMEI says it is incompatible. Only you need is SIM from Xfinity mobile and phone updated with the latest Xfinity mobile firmware.


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