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Sat, Apr 25, 2020 4:00 PM

No data usage but get charged $12 every bill cycle!

I have 2 phones with Xfinity mobile, and I completely turn off one phone's data. However, I noticed that I started receiving bills for data since Jan. Pretty annoying. And not sure how to prevent that?




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1 y ago

Its $12 up to the first gig.  

0-1GB is $12

1-2GB is $24



There used to be 100MB shared data free but that is no longer available.




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1 y ago

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1 y ago

Yeah this was announced a while ago. Yes it isn't good but that's the deal now. I mean really how long were they realisitcally going to keep that up anyway? Especially without a contract. It's still the best deal out there right now. But if they keep going up? Yeah I will will simply take my phone back to Verizon. 


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1 y ago

Welcome to what's called "Generation 2" billing.  Yes it stinks, but alot of us are in the same boat as yourelf...

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