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Thu, Dec 3, 2020 5:00 PM

Neither the store or Customer support could solve the issue. Who else in Xfinity mobile can help???

My family has been a xfinity mobile customer from the initial days it was launched however since 2019 Jan there has been no end to issues faced.

Sequeunce of events

1. Had Xfinity mobile (two lines) from the intial days of its launch 

2. Moved from California to Washington in 2019 Jan; mobile account transferred to new address in WA

3. Online account issue started- Will not show my phone, usage or charges details.

No solution even after multiple follow ups with customer support and store.

4. In Aug/Sept 2020 decided to buy a new phone for my daughter and add a new line.

The store informed that my account has to be fixed but since that will take time, they will activate the line first in a different account and then transfer it to my old account. Unfortunately they were not able to do that and was advised to contact customer support.

5. I was on call with support for hrs together and they did something from backend and informed that they were able to fix the issue for my first two mobile connections to show up in my online account, however my daughters phone was not showing up in the portal. They said they will fix that and call back.. Unfortunately no call back at all.

6. This thanksgiving, I went to Xfinity to upgrade one of my phone to 5G, Bought pixel 4a 5G, they activated it immediately but 5G will not work.

Informed me that the solution is to cancel my daughters number and add it to my old account, and then they can activate 5G on all three lines, but first I have to pay the remaining installments for the phone. I paid the phone in full.

7. They cancelled my daughters phone number and tried adding it on my new account and said phone is not compatible. (How is the phone bought from Xfinity store 3 months back which was used even 2 mins back not compatible the next moment.?)The Store person was on call with customer support for 2-3 hrs and then told me he will fix the issue and call me.

8. No call received or update for a week, so today I decided to call customer support again. This time had very unfriendly and rude agent who said once you cancel the connection,  moto g power will be incompatible and you cannot add back.

Explaining that it was based on your support representative advice it was cancelled, she said 'I have restored your account and will transfer to Tier 2 team who will help', not at all polite

Was transferred to a queue with wait time of 90 mins. I opted the 'request call back option'.

9. Tier 2 calls back and was little helpful this time, to try some options but he ran into issues with the troubleshooting that he was doing and transferred me to another team to create a new xfinity id.

The new representative was polite on call and it went for another 70 mins but not solved the issue. For some reason the call was disconnected and however no on called back.

So now I am back to square one and with no solution yet.


With all these issues,  I am at the verge of giving up xfinity.

The reason for this lengthy sequence of events is to see if Xfinity leadership team care for their customers and would to take some action to fix this never ending issue.


If I receive some help I will update this thread.
Otherwise let this help users in deciding when you plan to move to xfinity mobile.


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6 m ago

I finally got a call yesterday from one of the Tier 2 agents saying he will put across a request to a team to get my issue fixed. Timeline for the team to look into my request would be 7 days, solution cannot be confirmed though. Upon narrating my whole story and my request to escalate I was able to speak to his supervisor. This time the supervisor again stating they cannot do anything but wait for the other dept to respond. No further escalation is possible.

Again explaining my story to the supervisor, he seemed like he wanted to help and felt the whole issue was not correctly updated by all the agents in the call records. He expressed his willingness to stay on call with me parallelly working with a tier 3 team keeping me posted on the updates at regular interval.

Finally after a long 90 mins work with lot of trial and error troubleshooting with the team, they finally fixed my profile /account issue. He agreed that this was a very complex scenario. somebody at xfinity had setup the profile incorrectly which caused this issue and had messed up my account;

He then helped to switch my account from old $12 gig based plan to the $15 plan, so that 5g could be used on my wife new phone. He advised to give 1-2 hrs for 5g to show up. Unfortunately I am still waiting for 5g to show up.

On the positive side the long ongoing issue with my profile seems to be sorted now and supv provided me a credit for all the hassle and pain gone through so far. I am thankful to the supervisor and the tier 2 agent who were at least polite and willing to look into the issue throughly.

To summarize, though xfinity has partially fixed my issue, their customer support especially tier 1 and the xfinity store folks need training on the troubleshooting issues, updating their customer logs correctly, show the willingness to help, rather than pushing customer from one pillar to another. There are few good agents I have come across, however because of the vast majority who are rude and not helpful, the few good agents go unnoticed.

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6 m ago

To call these people grossly incompetent is an understatement. I also spent hours on the phone with my 4a 5G not receiving 5G service. They switched out my sim card and then the entire phone. It's amazing how they are completely unaware of this statement in the fine print of the product page:

"5G service available beginning in December 2020 via a software update."

Sadly we weren't informed about this when we purchased our devices and now have had all this time wasted. At least you got a credit for dealing with thier stupidity.

I'm likely going to bring my device back to XM tomorrow and demand a refund and to to a provider that has a clue. Sometimes the low prices aren't worth it at all.

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5 m ago


 I am in sync with your statement, the store should be able to educate the customer while buying a phone, especially when they know 5G was not available at that time.


My wife is using pixel 4a 5G and now 5G is working, but yes earlier in December it wasnt working.


Hope you were able to find a solution to your issue.

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