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Tue, Feb 18, 2020 3:00 PM

Need Technical Support in Resolving the Wrong Caller ID issue

I recently switched from AT&T to Xfinity Mobile and today it was brought to my attention that when I call someone (who didnot have my number saved) from my phone, they are seeing my Ex's name as Caller ID instead of my name. It has been over 3 years I moved out of the AT&T family plan and I have no idea why his name is displaying when all the account information is on my name. Is there any way to find why this is happening? Are the queries reporting this information tied to the databases with old/outdated Comcast or AT&T account? Can some technical person look into what information got transferred over? I need help in resolving this issue and also to see if there is anything else on my account that is tied to my Ex's profile?? Thanks!


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2 y ago

Hello sbalani,

Thanks for posting to the Xfinity Forum, and pardon my delayed response. I can look into this further for you. When you get the chance, contact me through private message.

Just click on my name ComcastChrisL, and from my profile page, click on the blue ‘send a message’ button. In your private reply, include the following information so that I may authenticate and access the account in question;

First and last name, mobile number, complete service address, and the last 4 digits of the pay method on file.

Thanks again for your time, and patience.


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